Behold! The page of command tour charter-ness. Hang onto your britches, nerds. This might get weird.

Loosely…what’s up

TL;DR: This site loosely explains what we’re planning, which can be boiled down to some intelligent Navy- and technobabble from Jody and “not sure, really” from KL.

About Us

lol, jk.
Let’s roll.


Mostly, KL isn’t sure what the hell is going on. But ideas! She haz them.

New Births

About every 1-2 weeks, a new NCAMS LANT baby is born. In order to reach out to family members and offer presence and support, KL will greet each tiny human with a NCTAMS onesie or…something.


The less-tiny humans (who are probably KL-sized) descend on NCTAMS LANT once a year for a very active week of anti-drug festivities. KL’s not entirely sure what this is, but she imagines it’s kinda like that movie The Descent, only louder and with more carnage. She’s ready for it.

And much, much more! Maybe. We’ll see.

Stress Relief



We’ll do this.






And some of this.






And maybe this.





Most likely that.




Plus some of these.

Oh, and date night. Once a month. Maybe bimonthly. But definitely once a quarter. See us adulting over here with our realistic expectations? Be impressed.